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    Debug page

    Sudha Palanisamy Newbie

      How to set the debug page mode to seam project while run.

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          if you're referring to enabling the Seam debug page, it's done like so in components.xml:

          <core:init debug="@debug@" jndi-pattern="@jndiPattern@"/>

          where @debug@ is a token variable that is read from components.properties.

          if you used seam-gen to create your project, debug page should be already enabled.

          from SIA book:

          Seam’s debug mode is controlled by the debug property on the org.jboss.
          seam.core.init component. You enable the debug mode flag by adding the following
          declaration to the component descriptor:
          <core:init debug="true"/>