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    https and http Problem

    Ingo Wurzer Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I tried to implement https into my project - and it works. Thats cool :-)

      Now I tried following test:

      Login page (https) - User loggedIn
      Go to an other page (http) - User loggedIn
      Logout (http) - User is logged out
      Then another time login page (https) - User is logged In.
      But then I go to the other page (http) and the user is logged out.
      Then I click again login - redirect to login form - but the user is logged in.

      When I look at the debug Page with https://....:8443/... then I've another identity and other conversations than with http://....:8080/...

      Is this correct? But I want to have one conversation or also identity for http AND https. So only Login and maybe some formulars should be https and viewing pages should be http.

      I hope it's not too confused .