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    Sharing resources in a seam ear

    aozoren Newbie

      Hi -

      I have a seam ear (a) and seam war (b) projects and I need to use the project a's ejb3 resources in project b, such as screens written in JSP in project b referring to seam components in project a. I referred to project a in project b's build path and java ee module dependencies but project b still can't find project a's components during runtime.

      Actual requirement is to be able to use JSPs and XHTMLs (hence the two wars) at the same time but I don't think this is possible in a single war due to DEFAULT_SUFFIX context parameter.

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          How many WARs do you have, 1 or 2?  sounds like 2.

          so for for WAR1, specify .xhtml in web.xml and for WAR2, specify .jsp in web.xml.

          or are you trying to mix xhtml and jsp files in the same WAR?

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            aozoren Newbie

            Two wars, one inside the ear (first war) and second, a standalone seam war (seccond) project. As you said, one to host xhtml, second to host jsp files. I don't want to add the second standalone war to the first one, just be able to use the beans in the first one in the second one. What steps would you follow to create a seam war project that uses the beans in the first one? You can think of this way, take a seam ear, take away what's under WebContent and stick them under the WebContent of an external (same jboss instance) seam war project and make it work. I hope it is clearer this time..