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    substring in El Expression

    aditya bora Newbie
      Hi to all

      I am creating a datatable whigh shows data related to a department table. In database, department table has got a field called depdesc(size:256) which stores description of the department. Now, when I enter department description of size 256 without any space, data column is not able to maintain the defined width of the column. It gets expand.
      To overcome this issue what I am thinking of displaying only the first 40 characters form the description field. Now my question is, Is this possible to use substring in El Expression for data column?
      Something like:

      <rich:column id="dep3" sortable="true" label="Description" filterEvent="onkeyup" style="width:150px;" sortBy="#{ecEntity.depDesc}" filterBy="#{ecEntity.depDesc}">

        <f:facet id="dep3_ecfchdr" name="header">
         <span id="dep3_echdrtxt" style="width:150px;">Description</span>

        <h:outputText value="#{substring(ecEntity.depDesc,0,40)}"/>

      Thankx in advance
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          Nikos Paraskevopoulos Novice


          You need to define a new EL function, easy with facelets.

          1) Create a file eg my.taglib.xml (replace my, but keep the .taglib.xml suffix) in WEB-INF with contents:

          <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <!DOCTYPE facelet-taglib PUBLIC
               "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Facelet Taglib 1.0//EN"
                    <function-signature>java.lang.String substring(java.lang.String,int,int)</function-signature>

          2) Create the class as follows:

          package my.util;
          public class Util {
            public static String substring(String orig, int start, int length) {
              return orig.substring(start,length);

          3) Finally make Facelets aware of your library; in web.xml:


          4) Use it in your pages:

          <ui:composition ... xmlns:my="http://www.my.net/some/arbitrary/namespace">
            <h:outputText value="#{my:substring(ecEntity.depDesc,0,40)}"/>

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            aditya bora Newbie

            Thankx Nikos. It really works.