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    New to Seam

    Jyothi Thangavel Newbie


      I'm new to seam framework.
      Could any body explain seams flow and how it works.

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          Jan Groth Novice

          kindly refer to the provided documentation, just 10cm left and 5cm upwards from

          -- THIS --


          please dont hesitate to post any questions you have after having read at least the basics on your own.


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            Arbi Sookazian Master

            one of the best ways to start is deploying and running the Seam hotel booking app.  from there you can read the Seam books.  The Yuan/Orshalick book is good for overview and DAllen dives more into details.  the ref doc is pretty good as well.

            It takes a long time to get up and running with this stack (depends on how much experience you have with EE 5 and Hibernate, etc)... good luck.