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    starting a pageflow with a decision

    willie slepecki Newbie

      in my app, i have a basic window with a bunch of menu buttons on it when you first log in.  part of my requirements is when you click on a button, the app has to do a soap transaction to a central server.  the results of that transaction tells the app which page flow to start.  im trying to figure out how to implement that.  ive never used jbpm before and its confusing the hell out of me.  how do i implement it?  i tried a start-state that runs the method and i get the error i need to have a start-page.  i try a start-page and it doesn't automatically transition to the flow that the central server specified.  how do i do this?

      do i have a separate pageflow file for each path?  (there currently are 4 different possibilities and im going to soon have to add a 5th) do i have one page flow and have a decision that indicates which path to follow?

      also, it almost looks like decisions can only be true or false.  do i have to create a decision class to have it return more than true or false?

      an advanced tutorial would be nice, the numberguess example is pretty useless for what i need to do.

      thanks guys