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    Seam CRUD application framework and atomic conversations

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      If we use Seam Application Framework (SAF) for a CRUD app (e.g. EntityQuery, EntityHome, etc.) can we achieve atomic conversations (aka application tx by DAllen or web tx by Yuan et al) for our use cases?

      For example, let's say we have a 3 page wizard that is modeled as a LRC.  If we use SAF to code this use case, which spans three JSF pages, how can we achieve atomic conversations (i.e. only synchronize changes in PC with db after @End method is successfully executed)?

      I have a feeling the answer is no because by default with SAF there is no use of SMPC and Hibernate flush mode when using SAF, but just want to verify.  Or do we simply use a SFSB as the backing bean w/ SMPC injection and Hibernate manual flush and also use the SAF classes?  thx.