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    Supported language ignored

    Ranil Wijeyratne Newbie

      We're having a very weird situation with one of our customers. Our seam application (2.0.1.GA) has four different supported-locales configured in faces-config.xml with german (de) as default language plus english, french and italian

      • de

      • en

      • fr

      • it

      On the installation of one of our customers (JBoss 4.2.0.GA, English Windows 2003 Server) it's not possible to use the German language. No matter what, you do always English is displayed (Browser language settings or active language change with LocaleSelector). It works fine with French and Italian.

      The resource files are all available and the same application does fine under a German Windows 2003 Server or XP.

      Unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce the problem in our lab (everything works fine, no matter what Windows language and/or regional settings)

      We can't explain the phenomenon and also can't reproduce it inhouse. So we wondered if someone ever had a similair issue.

      Thanks, regards

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          Ranil Wijeyratne Newbie


          After further investigation we could narrow the problem down to the regional settings.

          Depending on the regional settings of the user that starts the JBoss AS: The German language is ignored or not.

          Even though the LocaleSelector provides it and German can be selected, it won't be displayed. In the end the language configured in the user's regional settings is used (or the next following: English). Only German is affected, English, French and Italian do fine.

          We tested it with the following:

          German CAN be selected when using:

          • German

          • Spanish

          • Estonian

          German CANNOT be selected when using:

          • English

          • French

          • Italian

          • Mohawk (we tried some at random)

          This behavior is completely inexplicable to me and I can't believe that nobody else has had that phenomenon. Would hope if at least someone could confirm the behaviour.

          Thanks a lot in advance