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    Seam JMS support is not transactional

    Robert Lamie Newbie

      Hi all,
      Using Seam's infrastructure for sending JMS messages seems to force a non-transactional mode. Could you confirm that?
      I need a transactional support to enlist the message sending in a JTA XA transaction. Is there a simple and efficient workaround to keep taking advantage of Seam ?
      Thank you

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          check this out:  http://www.odi.ch/prog/jms-tx.php

          although that is not an authoritative source (like Redhat docs, etc.) it is based on EJB3 and possibly helpful.

          There is very little coverage of JMS in Seam in Action unfortunately.  The only coverage of JMS in the Seam ref doc is from a remoting perspective (and is not recommended for use in production!)

          The basic idea in the example code for the link above is you have a SLSB business method with REQUIRED tx type and write your JMS code in that method.

          Depending on how many resource managers are involved, you may need XA/2PC.  Apparently in the example there is JMS and RDBMS so that requires JTA to manage the global tx.