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    Wiki Article questions

    Jack C Newbie

      I am trying to get a SAML 2.0 implementation(Service Provider) done for a Seam Application that we have. I am following the wiki article

      I have a few questions

      1) I made the modifications to the components.xml file and deployed the application. But the redirect when a protected page is requested is still to the .local login.seam page and not the Id provider's SSO page. This is because of the "login-view-id" configuration in the pages.xml page. Am I missing some other config parameter?

      2) What is the URL to provide to the Id Provider to post back in the SAML Metadata xml file?

      3) Does the implementation assume that the assertions are encrypted with the idProvider's private key?

      My env : JBoss 4.2.2 + Seam 2.1.1 GA + JBoss Identity 1.0. Beta3

      Thanks in advance.