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    Give me a Solution or way

    Sudha Perumal Newbie

      How to understand the process flow among xhtml,xml, entity and session?

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          In the words of G. Ramsey: I hate to be rude, but

          1. Read the Seam documentation

          2. Study the examples

          3. Read a Seam book (such as Allen: Seam in Action)

          4. Read a persistence book (such as Bauer & King: Java Persistence with Hibernate)

          5. When you have completed steps 1-4, return with specific questions

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            Jaime Martin Apprentice

            If you already have some concepts go ahead to chapter 8 of the Seam Reference: Pageflows and business processes and try numberguess example explained in chapter 1.5 Seam pageflow: the numberguess example.
            Anyway I advise you to try Hotel Booking sample and to read at least the first 10 chapters of the Seam Reference as well as chapters from 13 to 16.
            Godd luck with seam and enjoy it!