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    Switching locales not displaying

    damian pooley Newbie


      I am trying to internationalize my application and have copied the approach in chapter 14 of the seam documentation (drop down list with locales populates from faces-config.xml) and that shows. HOwever when submitting the form nothing happens! (even though the localeSelector.language is updated and displays.

      My faces-config.xml is


      my messagesxxXX.properties files are:


      the facelets page is just

      <f:loadBundle var="msg" basename="Messages"/>

      in addition to the select and form. Please help!


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          David Salter Novice

          What does your locale selector form look like?

          Do you call #{localeSelector.select} on a form action?

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            damian pooley Newbie

            Hi David,

            The form part is copied right out of chapter 14:

            <h:selectOneMenu value="#{localeSelector.localeString}">
                <f:selectItems value="#localeSelector.supportedLocales}"/>
            <h:commandButton action="#{localeSelector.select}" value="#{msg.changeLanguage}"/>

            it shows the two locales set up in faces-config.xml

            Reading through the tomb that is the system.log file finds the localeSelector, there are no warnings for not finding a locale specific properties file for the locale change, or any indication of a switch at all.

            Can having the file named messagesxxxx.properties and specified in faces-config.xml be an issue?