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    add clean-unexplode-explode target to build.xml

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      seam-gen suggestion to build.xml default as result of seam create-project:

      I noticed I have been manually exec'ing clean, unexplode, explode ant targets in that order ad nauseum (yes, I know, you don't need to always do that but if you refactor a class to a different package, etc., it's necessary and it's good practice to do so a couple times a day anyways).

      so I added this:

      <target name="clean-unexplode-explode" depends="clean,unexplode,explode" description="Clean, unexplode then explode to JBoss AS">

      it's easy to add but can DAllen (I'm guessing) plz add to the seam-gen that creates the build.xml for seam create-project?

      If not, I'd be more than happy to contribute it myself to SVN as a patch if others feel this would be a worthwhile addition...  thx.