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    RoleName and Enums

    Nico Wollenzin Newbie

      Hi List,

      I am doing my first steps using the JPA Identity Manager and everything works fine except one little thing.

      When I try to use an Enum as RoleName to easily access these Names I am getting a ClassCastException. (not very surprising ;-) )

      I think I have to extend the login-Method but I have no Idea how.
      Can someone give me a hint how to do that or just explain me that using Enums is a dumb approach.

      My Enum:

      public enum RolleType {
              ADMIN  ("admin"),
              MANAGER ("manager"),
              SOMETHINGELSE ("something");
              private final String roleName;
              RolleTyp(String roleName) {
                      this.roleName = RoleName;
              public String getRoleName() {
                      return RoleName;

      My Entity:

      public RolleType getRoleName() {
              return roleName;