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    Hot Deploy and JBoss 5

    Greg Zoller Newbie


      I'm building a new Seam project using Seam 2.1.1 on JBoss 5 using Eclipse Ganymede.

      No issues so far but one.  Whenever I change something in my Seam app the server reloads the app (presumably to support Hot-Deploy?).  Not an issue when I touch Java code but quite annoying when I'm just touching XHTML bits (in which case I lose all my state, etc.).

      A previous project using Seam 2.0.2 and JBoss 4.2 behaved differently.  This combination would not restart the app when I touched anything but simply deployed the changed files--great for XHTML changes but of course I had to blip the server for Java changes.

      Is this the hot deploy causing this restart behavior or something else?  If it is the hot deploy can I enable/disable it as needed?


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          Clint Popetz Apprentice

          Yeah, this bit me in 2.1 as well.  The default behavior of the seam hot deployment scanner changed from 2.0.X to 2.1.   In this comment I describe a mechanism to get the old behavior back, but it's a little work. 

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            Greg Zoller Newbie

            Appreciate the tip but it's a bit over my head.

            I've created a new project to play with using Seam 2.1.2.CR1 and am getting a different flavor of the problem.

            Now instead of JBoss restarting on every/any change nothing happens when I edit an xhtml file.

            This is an ejb project (not war).  If I edit a project xhtml file in eclipse and save it then refresh the page on the browser (clear cache/don't clear--doesn't matter) there is no change.  I get the pre-edited version displayed.

            But... if I go check the code deployed to the server it's the edited version.  So what in the stack is serving up the old version and how do I turn it off?

            This is really brought my development to a stop.

            Thanks for any ideas.

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              slawek t Novice

              I'm facing the same problem with Seam 2.1.2.CR1. How to be closer to old Seam 2.0 + Jboss 4.2 behavior?

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                Moritz Winter Newbie

                For me setting up a seam project is very frustrating, i had to try several combinations of the following:

                Create Project with JBoss Tools(Eclipse)
                Create Project with seam-gen

                JBoss AS 4.x
                JBoss AS 5.x

                Seam 2.0
                Seam 2.1

                The only combination working fully for me is Seam 2.0, JBoss AS 4.x with a JBoss Tools created project. The others dont work completely due to missing libs or incompatibilities or don't hot deploy as expected. After spending hours reading posts and doing server restarts I did a fruitless search for different JBoss Javadocs and right now Iam directly in configuring maven-hell.
                If I could revert the management decision to use seam for the frontend I would do it right now, because in my opinion Seam is completely buggy and doesnt integrate with other tools like Maven, Eclipse WTP etc.