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    WebRemote client succeeds on JBoss, fails on Tomcat

    Bob Corcoran Newbie
      We have written, and continue to enhance, a substantial Seam application. One of its features is the integration of the Google Search Appliance, allowing users to search for company specific data from a search box within the Seam application. Until now we have been using Direct Web Remoting for the discovery and delivery of some of the searchable data. We would prefer to use Seam Remoting instead so that we can have all functionality encapsulated in one application.

      As such, we have exposed some methods via the @WebRemote annoation,  following the logic set out in the remoting examples that ship with Seam. In short, we've had mixed resultss. We tested in the following way:

      1. Deploy the Seam (EAR) app on a remote host on JBoss.

      2. Write a simple web app (WAR) that on a particular page imports remote.js and interface.js etc,. and calls the remote method via a javascript call, and deploy this app on a different remote host.  In one context, the call to the remote method  was successful, and in another context it failed.

      The call succeeded when we loaded the test client WAR in JBoss. It failed when we loaded the test WAR in Tomcat, and it is failing in the Google Search Appliance implementation with the same error we receive in the Tomcat deployment: Error code 404.

      The actual error that is reported in the Firefox error console is: mismatched tag. Expected: </HR>. This error message, admittedly, is rather baffling, since nowhere ca nwe find the offending HR in question.

      The interesting aspect of all of this is that the stubs are successfully imported into the Tomcat based client application, as well as the JBoss based version. We have verified this via Firebug. Also, the request packets sent to the remote server are identical whether sent via JBoss or Tomcat. It's just that we don't receive the response packet in the Tomcat application. Instead, we get the 404 error.

      i know this is kind of off the beaten path, but if anyone has any insight, we would love to hear it.

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          Tomaz Cerar Master


          this sounds like classloading issue or context path issue
          The missing hr you get is probably becouse server returns 404 error page that is html that js client tries to parse as rpcxml...

          Can you confirm that seam remoting servlet is in both cases listening on correct urls?
          And do you maybe see any strange warn log messages while booting application? especialy ones that talk about remoting.

          Also compare both boot logs and confirm that all same components are loaded in both cases.

          we could go from there on...