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    JBoss CTO departure's effect on Seam

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      So Labourey is leaving JBoss.  Fleury left JBoss approx. 2 yrs ago.  Both were CTOs.  Fleury was also the founder of the JBoss project.  Mark Little is taking over as CTO.

      What effect (pos/neg) will this have on R&D and other considerations related to Seam, Web Beans and the rest of the JBoss stack?

      Is this something to worry about or look forward to?

      Fleury complained that the JBoss research and development budget "really hasn't benefited from a huge investment, which I was hoping for and was the main reason I went to Red Hat...That's a bit of a point of frustration for me personally." 

      source: http://news.cnet.com/Could-Red-Hat-lose-JBoss-founder/2100-7344_3-6147300.html

      Is this still a problem with Redhat?