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    JBoss Tattletale 1.0.Beta2 released

    Jesper Pedersen Master

      JBoss Tattletale 1.0.Beta2 was released today featuring new reports and important bug-fixes.

      JBoss Tattletale is a tool that can help you get an overview of the project you are working on or a product that you depend on. The tool will recursive scan a directory for JAR files and generate linked and formatted HTML reports.

      JBoss Tattletale now features the following reports to help you with the quality of your project:

      * Dependants
      * Depends On
      * Transitive Dependants
      * Transitive Depends On

      * Class Location
      * Eliminate Jar files with different versions
      * Multiple Jar files
      * Multiple Locations
      * No version

      Furthermore we have included an initial implementation of the ClassLoaderStructure interface for JBoss Application Server 4.x and JBoss Application Server 5.x which will scope the archives based on classloader constraints.

      All users should upgrade to this release.

      JBoss Tattletale is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or later.

      We hope that JBoss Tattletale will help you in your development tasks !

      Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866&package_id=311046&release_id=665534
      JIRA: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/TTALE

      Release Notes - JBoss Tattletale - Version 1.0.Beta2

      ** Bug
      * [TTALE-48] - NPE in Dump::generateDependecies if ClassLoaderStructure is missing
      * [TTALE-49] - NullPointerException when a jar has no manifest

      ** Feature Request
      * [TTALE-54] - Class Location report

      ** Patch
      * [TTALE-52] - Align text in tables to tops of cells

      ** Release
      * [TTALE-64] - 1.0.Beta2 release

      ** Task
      * [TTALE-28] - Action report
      * [TTALE-53] - Split reports into separate directories
      * [TTALE-55] - Convert Dependencies report to a Report instance
      * [TTALE-56] - Convert Multiple Jars report to a Report instance
      * [TTALE-57] - Convert Multiple Locations report to a Report instance
      * [TTALE-58] - Convert Jar archive report to a Report instance
      * [TTALE-59] - No version identifier report
      * [TTALE-60] - Dependants report
      * [TTALE-61] - Transitive DependsOn report
      * [TTALE-62] - Transitive Dependants report
      * [TTALE-63] - Add fallback to Specification-Version in ArchiveScanner

      ** Sub-task
      * [TTALE-29] - Eliminate JAR files with different version identifier
      * [TTALE-37] - Add a JBoss Application Server classloader structure