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    reRenders not working in rich:ajaxValidator

    Nuno Cerqueira Newbie
      Hi there!

      I'm using <rich:ajaxValidator> inside a <rich:column> (inside a <rich:dataTable>), to validate some data using a validator method defined on an input field.

      The validator functionality works flawlessly, and my <rich:message> is correctly populated. However, when this validation occurs, I would like for some other part of the page to be reRendered, so I simply added the id that I want to re-render. The validation is still working OK, but the re-render is not being triggered.

      There should be no problem with the id lookup, since the typical WARN for 'id not found' is not being shown on the console.

      Furthermore, I've replaced the <rich:ajaxValidator> with an <a:support> (with bypassUpdates=false) and the reRender works OK.

      It seems just like the reRender in <rich:ajaxValidator> is just not being used... Anyone experiencing this? Could I be doing something wrong? Is anyone doing this with success in this or other versions of RichFaces?

      I'm using jboss-seam-2.1.1.GA and the bundled RichFaces 3.2.2.SR1.