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    Seam Job Opening in Burbank, CA

    Drew Kutchar Newbie

      Hey guys,

      We have a Seam developer position open that we need to fill immediately. I'm the CTO/Founder of the company and not a recruiter. Please read the following requirements and reply if you're interested.



      SoCal Local Candidates only, No Telecommuting.
      Please send your resumes to jobs@venarc.com
      We are a young, fun and established software company in Burbank, CA and are looking to add a Java Web Developer to our team. You will be working closely with a small team of stars on implementing and maintaining clustered JBoss Seam POJO based applications that run on Tomcat. If you thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment where you'll be exposed to the latest technologies and work with a great team of programmers, then we've got the perfect opportunity for you.
      - Excellent Java Skills (This means 5 plus years of programming experience, including all Java 5 features such as Annotations and Generics and everything covered in Effective Java 2nd edition. We can't emphasize this enough.)
      - Experience with OOP/Design Patterns/Modular Software Design (Meaning you need to have read the GoF Design Patterns book or something similar, if you've never heard of that book, don't apply)
      - Experience with Java web frameworks such as JSF, Seam, Struts, Struts 2 (WebWork), Spring MVC (This doesn't mean you need to know them all, just be able to show us a large scale project that you worked on using one of the mentioned frameworks and be able to explain your role in details)
      - Experience with Hibernate/JPA (Again we need real world production experience)
      - Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, AJAX and JavaScript
      - Excellent communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills (There will be a constant interaction with other hackers and you should be able to participate positively)
      - SoCal local candidates only, no telecommuting
      - Experience with JBoss Seam 2.0
      - Experience with RichFaces
      - Experience with GWT, ExtJS, Prototype
      - Experience with MySQL
      - Experience with Python
      - Flexible hours
      - Lunch, drinks and snacks included
      - Great health insurance package
      - Fun, relaxed, friendly, non-corporate, meeting-free, no-bs environment