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    Seam 2.1.2.CR2!

    Norman Richards Expert

      It's out.  Here's the announcement.  Please post here if you have any questions or comments, and use JIRA if you run into any bugs. 

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          Steve Heath Newbie

          I wonder if you can help me. I am a recruiter looking to place someone with JBoss Seam technology experience. But I cannot find anyone to do sufficient tech screens to find out if the candidates I am speaking with know what they say they know. If this is the wrong forum or the wrong place to be asking such a question, I apologize, but was wondering if anyone knows anybody that would help?.

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            Eric H Novice

            Hi Norman, I'll test it out.

            Question: the most annoying bug I find in earlier versions is that Seam Security somehow doesn't put the username in the Combined format JBoss server logs.  When I set up access control in JBoss in the login.xml file, I do get a record of usernames in the web access log.  When I use Seam security, I don't.

            That's hyper-annoying.  These web access logs are immensely more useful for auditing if it records the user in role who made the request.

            Any word on this?