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    Java Heap space and No Html generation for source folder

    Sundar Sankarnarayanan Newbie

      I tried running the ttale on my project. My project includes an src(where all my source(.java) files are there, classes where all my classes get generated, test folder where all code related to unit test are present, a web folder for storing all .jsp files and conf for all configuration files, build, lib and bin folders for respective tasks.

      When I run ttale on the root folder that contains these folders, I get a "Java heap space" as the message. I got a 2 gig ram on my box and am not sure why this isnt enough.

      When I point my input folder to my src directory(which contains just .java files) it seems to create blank htmls under each of the sub categories that is generated by ttale.

      Not sure what mistake I am doing. Any help is appreciated.