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    Alternate BPM implementations

    Chris Aldrich Newbie

      I'm new to Seam and am still researching how it can be used within our organization.  Our company is pretty reliant on IBM products for our delivery of systems.  So we use WebSphere Application Server as our app server of choice, and we are hoping to use JSF as our UI implementation.  Because of all the great benefits that Seam provides, we would like to leverage Seam as our specific way of implementing JSF.

      That being said, I was really interested in the BPM aspects of Seam.  We are looking to use BPM here at our company.  But, being an IBM shop, we are looking to leverage IBM's WebSphere Process Server as our BPM/workflow engine.

      What I'm curious about, is there a way to leverage non-JBoss BPM solutions in Seam?  I'm assuming there must be a way, given the power of bijection.  I'm just curious if anyone has done it?  If so, what did it take to do?  Any snafu's to avoid?  Lessons learned?  Or is jBPM the only implementation of pageflow and/or workflow that can work with Seam?

      Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

      Chris Aldrich

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          Chris Aldrich Newbie

          Wow.  Nothing, huh.  I'm assuming nobody has even tried this?  Wondered about this? Used this?  Anybody?

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            Elias Ross Master
            Since Seam is open source ... I have looked at the source code and you could probably replicate what's the for JBPM in terms of components.

            Contributing your own wrappers would probably be appreciated.

            The limitations I see, with IBM's stuff, is you probably won't be able to integrate EL expressions that Seam provides. Meaning, for a process action or decision component, you can't do a #{foo.action()} . What I mean, is IBM's process server won't be able to use Seam like JBPM can.

            Not sure if there's any other limitations.