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    madhu reddy Newbie

      can anyone tell me what is the exact use of @BypassInterceptors and the cases where to use exactly this annotation.

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          Stuart Douglas Master

          A component that is annotated with BypassInterceptors will not have access to any of the services that seam provides using intereceptors, such as bijection and transaction management. The main reason for using this is to improve performance.

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            Todd Trimmer Newbie

            Does this include bypassing initialization of the component itself inside components.xml?

            Java source:

            package com.example;
            public class Foo {
                public void setBars(List<Integer> bars) {...}


            <component name="foo" class="com.example.Foo">
                <property name="bars">

            Would using @BypassInterceptors make my component be populated with bars={1, 2, 3}? Or would this be skipped?

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              Stuart Douglas Master

              That will still work, as components.xml values are set at creation time, unlike injected values.