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    Large Table Performance

    Greg Zoller Newbie

      I am trying to performance-tune a large table.  For the purposes of my tuning I created a "labs" page that populates 1000 rows of canned data (no db-hits).  It's as basic as I could get.  I'll show my code then my performance numbers.  I also attempted to follow the tuning guidelines in this [article=>http://jsfcentral.com/articles/speed_up_your_jsf_app_1.html]


      public class OrderMgr {
           @Out (required=false) private Order order;
           private int count = 1000;
           public OrderMgr() {this.order = new Order(count);}
           public int getCount() {return count;}
           public Order getOrder() {return this.order;}

      `<rich:dataTable id="table"
           cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
           border="0" var="item" value="#{sessionContext.get('order').lines}">
                <f:facet name="header">Num</f:facet>
                <h:graphicImage id="lineInvalid" value="/img/invalid.gif"/>
                <h:outputText id="lineNum" value="#{item.number}" />
           <!-- other columns -->