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    Tathagat Tathagat Newbie

      Hi All.

      accodrding to Seam Documentation, @DataModel is outjected in EVENT scope by default.

      I have a STATELESS bean defined as

      public class NavigationAction
              @DataModel List<Incident> dataList;
           public void home () {
                dataList = // do some thing here....
           public void test () {

      I expect dataList to be available in EVENT scope. So when from page1 I click on the following link

      <h:commandLink value="Home" action="#{navigation.home}"/>

      I expect to see the data on the next page, page2. Being used as

      <rich:dataTable value="#{dataList}" var="data">

      But page2 is empty.

      Any idea why? Thanks in advance.