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    jms topic

    kelly goedert Apprentice


      I have an application that sends messages to a jms topic. Now, I would like my seam application to subscribe to that jms topic and consume that messages generated and, every time I message is received a page is refreshed with the message content.

      Is it possible?

      Thanks for any help.


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          Hugo Pragt Newbie

          Sure it is.

          Just google for seam ajax server push. It gave me a nice PDF on how pushing messages is done in ICEFaces. One of the JSF implementations in seam.

          I guess I would:

          1. Make a topic listener MDB (persistent topic?)

          2. Send messages to an autocreated SFSB in application scope

          3. Make a webpage with an ajax call to the SFSB which gives me the messages based on conversation id or some such. (see PDF mentioned above)

          Just to give you an idea.