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    Role of Seam when message-driven bean and JBoss ESB is used

    ezani abdul halim Newbie

      I am still new to Seam and a beginner. As I understand it, Seam is used as glue code to easily connect the front-end UI to the backend EJB3. My question is what if I use JBoss ESB and asynchronous message-driven beans to transfer any requests I have from the front-end UI to the back-end for processing. Specifically, I mean :

      UI(eg. Facelets)-->ESB-->Backoffice(EJB3/Logic/database)

      instead of

      UI(eg. Facelets)-->Seam-->Backoffice(EJB3/Logic/database)

      Would I still have any use for Seam, then ?

      Thank you for any tips/advice on this.