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       * Dummy component that lets us install the
       * EjbSynchronizations via the tag
       * transaction:ejb-transaction
       * @see EjbSynchronizations
       * @author Gavin King
      @Install(precedence=BUILT_IN, value=false)
      public class EjbTransaction {}


       * Receives JTA transaction completion notifications from 
       * the EJB container, and passes them on to the registered
       * Synchronizations. This implementation
       * is fully aware of container managed transactions and is 
       * able to register Synchronizations for the container 
       * transaction.
       * @author Gavin King
      @Install(precedence=FRAMEWORK, dependencies="org.jboss.seam.transaction.ejbTransaction")
      public class EjbSynchronizations implements LocalEjbSynchronizations, SessionSynchronization{...}

      Somebody plz explain how this exactly works in terms of install/init, etc. and exactly what the purpose of EjbSynchronizations is (also what if you're using BMT?).

      Both have @Install annotations, one is higher precedence that the other (BUILT_IN = 0, FRAMEWORK = 10).

      So when Seam reads <transaction:ejb-transaction/> in components.xml what happens?

      I'm assuming that the init routine which scans for all Seam components looking for @Name runs during deployment of EAR/WAR first and then the components.xml contents are parsed.  Is this correct?