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    Passing parameters to rich components (tabPanel, dataScroller)

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      Is it possible to pass parameters to rich components like tabPanel and dataScroller? What I'd like to do is specify, for example (when I go to a page myTabPanel.xhtml) which of the tabs should be activated depending on where I navigated to myTabPanel.xhtml from. It always displays by default with the tab selected that's specified as being the default in myTabPanel.xhtml.

      Also, with rich:dataScroller for rich:dataTable, when I navigate back to a page myDataScroller.xhtml from doing another action, I might like to have the dataScroller by default be on a particular page (i.e. not necessarily page 1) - this might be needed if we navigated away from page 3 of the results in the dataTable on myDataScroller.xhtml and want to come back to page 3 rather than page 1.

      I realize my application code would need to keep track of which tab or page to be selected, but I really don't know how to pass these parameters to the components to change the default displayed value. Would this even be possible and if so, how? Thanks.