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    Startup and Bijection

    Pedro Sena Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      I know that components annotated with @Startup do not work if bijection is required on it.

      I would like to know how to make something SIMILAR.

      I need to create a component that have its create(annotated with @Create) method executed just after seam startup. This components requires others Application-scoped components but I don't see a way to achieve this objective without making some direct call to this object.

      I would like to hear some ideas on how to implement this kind of component.

      Thanks in advance,

      Pedro Sena

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          Pedro Sena Newbie


          Actually, Startup and bijection works fine with you don't use some non-application nor non-stateless component.

          But I'm a little curious about its functionality.

          I created the component(component A) that I described above, it was consuming a Factory method that produces a application scope compoent, (this factory is in component B).

          It is working fine.

          In my component B, I also have a method annotated with @Factory that produces a Session scoped variable, but this method was not being invoked, but seam was complaining about the inexistence of the session context.

          Why it was complaining about it if I was not using it ? Is this the expectated behaviour?

          Thanks in advance,

          Pedro Sena