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    ant-file of seam-gen EAR

    nimo stephan Master

      I use seam 2.1.1

      I have a EAR-Project generated by seam-gen.

      I want to put class-Files into my WAR, which are view-relevant. Seam-Ant copies all compiled classes into the JAR-File of the EAR.

      Where should I store the java-files which I want to deploy into the WAR/classes-directory?

      Into the view-Directory?

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          nimo stephan Master

          Why does seam generate a jar-file and put all the code into the jar-file.

          In a EAR-Project, I need to put the code relvant to a WAR into my WAR and not into the JAR. (e.g. listeners, source to generate view,..). Or is there no difference?

          When doing this, should I put the seam.properties both into my WAR and my JAR?

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            nimo stephan Master

            The problem is, I get this error when putting classes into my WAR/classes-directory:

            [Scanner] skipping class WEB-INF/classes/view/GridTable.class because it cannot be loaded (may reference a type which is not available on the classpath)

            So JBOSS, SEAM(?) does not recognice that in my WEB-INF/classes-directory are classes available. Any ideas?

            The WAR definitly contains the WEB-INF/classes/view/GridTable.class.

            Should I name it in the application.xml ?

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              nimo stephan Master

              Anyway, it seems to be a classloader-problem:

              When putting classes into WAR's WEB-INF/classes, then these classes cannot find the classes of the EAR's JAR-File.I used  SEAM-Gen, the application.xml has:


              So the sys.war is integrated. But it does not work.

              When I put all the classes of WAR's WEB-INF/classes within sys.jar, then all works.

              But putting classes within WEB-INF/classes does not work.

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                nimo stephan Master

                Okay, I guess I know the failure. I placed seam.properties also in my WEB-INF/classes-directory.

                I guess seam-gen produced ANT-File does not handle classes packaged in a WAR of an EAR correctly.

                I do not know, why.