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    Need help configuring Seam for integration testing with MySQL

    Lawrence Li Newbie

      I'm having issues configuring Seam for integration testing with MySQL rather than using Hypersonic.

      First, I'm not sure if the issue listed here:


      is a Hypersonic issue, so I'm trying to use MySQL instead of Hypersonic to see if it makes a difference.

      Unfortunately, I can't seem to get this to work with MySQL.  I followed the instructions listed in Chapter 35 of the Seam Manual:

      You need to tell DBUnit about the datasource you are using by setting a TestNG test parameter named datasourceJndiName:
         <parameter name="datasourceJndiName" value="java:/seamdiscsDatasource"/>
      DBUnitSeamTest has support for MySQL and HSQL - you need to tell it which database is being used:
      <parameter name="database" value="HSQL" />
      It also allows you to insert binary data into the test data set (n.b. this is untested on Windows). You need to tell it where to locate these resources:
      <parameter name="binaryDir" value="images/" />

      I just substituted the datasource of my MySQL dev instance for a quick test, changed the database paramter to MYSQL - but it won't work for me.  Is there anything else I need to do?