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    Navigating within a tabPanel

    Some Kid Newbie

      I would like to organise my application using tabs.All navigation should be within the same tabPanel. For example if there's a link or a button on the current tab I would like the page that link/button points to to be opened in the same tab.

      My question is what is the best way of doing this and is there an example I could look at?

      I saw that somebody else asked a similar question a long time ago ( http://www.seamframework.org/Community/ConversationWithinATabPanel ), but there was no answer.

      Thank you.

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          Diego Delgado Newbie
          Try this:
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            Some Kid Newbie

            Thank you Diego.

            I tried this and it kinda worked. I faced another pronlem, though.
            When I use a4j:commandLink (or a4j:commandButton) to call a page I don't seem to be able to pass the page parameter in the way this works with an s:link tag.
            For example

               <s:link view="/EntEdit.xhtml" value="Edit" propagation="none" 
                          id="entEdit" rendered="#{empty from}">
                    <f:param name="entEntId"  value="#{_ent.entId}"/>

            would pass the value of the _ent.entId to the EntEdit page.
            But if I use this:

             <a:htmlCommandLink  action="edit" value="Edit" >
                  <f:param name="entEntId"  value="#{_ent.entId}" /> 

            the EntEdit page does not get the value of the parameter entEntId

            I'm definitely missing something, but I've no idea what it might be.

            Any help would be highly appreciated.