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    Seam JSF and Weblogic

    Kenety Borges Newbie


      Has anyone been able to deploy Seam on Weblogic 10.3 without the need to deploy the javax jsf on the domain lib folder? Below is an extract from the Seam documentation.

      Deploying the javax jsf to the domain lib folder creates problem in my application with other third party ears using different JSF components.


      There is another step that is needed for this to work. For some reason, even with the steps above classes in the  jsf api.jar are not found during application deployment. The only way for this to work is to put the  javax jsf (the jsf api.jar) from jsf 1.2.war in the domains shared library. This requires a restart of the server.

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          well that is just horrible then. 

          A Weblogic domain is similar to a JBoss server configuration - it is a self contained server instance.

          I was going to suggest creating a new domain for the other apps that use a different of JSF library, but apparently the JAR must reside in the domains shared library which sounds like is equivalent to the %JBOSS_HOME%\lib directory.

          It sounds like there are several problems/issues with JSF/Seam and Weblogic unfortunately, according the Seam 2.1.x ref doc...

          When you say other third party ears using different JSF components what does that mean exactly?

          Different implementation of JSF? (like MyFaces instead of Sun RI?)

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            Kenety Borges Newbie

            When I say other third party ears using different JSF components, I'm talking about a third party ear that I need to deploy on the same weblogic cluster as my Seam application and which uses a different version of JSF (1.1 in that case). And I cannot simply open that third party ear and modify the war to use JSF 1.2 because it is a third party ear not maintained by me.

            The latest Seam uses JSF 1.2. Apparently I could use JSF 1.1 in my Seam application but that would affect my middle tier which relies on EJBs now. So I'm not considering this option.

            What is annoying is that jar file (javax jsf that needs to sit on the domain shared lib.