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    Make EntityHome subclass Statefull

    Matias  Santana Newbie

      Hi everyone!
      I will try to explain my problem.

      I´ve got a page that shows the details of a category (it was made by seam-gen).
      The problem is that every category on the system got houndreds of products, so the seam gen shows it on a very long data table.

      So to fix that i made by hand methods to manage de grid like: getNext(), getPrevious(), etc. And i put those methods on the categoryHome.
      I have to put in it a variable int who is the number of the page, but categoryHome is stateless, so i´m trying to do it statefull with scope conversation.

      I have to implement methods of the entityHome and Home classes, but i still have an exception which says:

      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: id to load is required for loading

      This is the interface which implements categoryHome:

      public interface CategoryHomeRemote {
            public void create();
            public void destroy();
            public void queryProducts();
            public void setCategoryId(Integer id);
            public Integer getCategoryId();
            public Category getDefinedInstance();
            public void wire();
            public boolean isWired();
            public Category find();
            public List<CategoryDiscounts> getCategoryDiscounts();
            public List<SubCategories> getSubCategories();
            public void nextPage();
            public void previousPage();
            public boolean isNextPageAvailable();
            public boolean isPreviousPageAvailable();
            public int getPageSize();
            public void setPageSize(int pageSize);
            public void setInstance(Category instance);
            public Category getInstance();

      So, i need someone who has a better idea to save that number of page, or someone who has idea where i am wrong!

      Thanx in advice guys!
      I really need this help!