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    Seam framework, submit to multiple pages

    Simit Kulkarni Newbie

      Hi All,

        I am using, Seam Framework for development with Rich Faces. I am using frames (I know, most of people, won't approve, with usage of frames :)) ).
        My page is like, There is a constant part on the top, which occupies around 35% height of my screen and rest of 65% will be variable part, that different .xhtml can be opened into it, depending on menu selected. This menu also resides in constant part.
                             Constant part             
                            Variable part              

      something like that.  Now requirement is to refresh constant part, on click of button from Variable part. Here, I want, first, Variable part to be refreshed, and then constant part.
                 How to achieve that in Seam? Do anybody have any idea??

                 Also, is there any alternative for Frames in Seam Framework? Suggestion in this direction also, very much welcomed.

      Thanks in advance!!!!

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          Nikos Paraskevopoulos Novice


          This is no SEAM-specific question. Check the target attribute of the <h:commandLink>:

          Name of a frame where the resource retrieved via this hyperlink is to be displayed.

          Catch: <h:commandButton> has no target attribute! Therefore you will have to use <h:commandLink> and style the link produced with CSS into looking like a button.

          As for alternatives to frames, you could use Facelets compositions (very powerful) coupled with partial updates, so that server load, network traffic and UI responsiveness looks as if one frame only was updated. The <a4j:region> tag in the template may prove useful.