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    Resetting EntityHome

    peter irmstadt Newbie


      I use a class extended from EntityHome<MyEntity> (only) to create respectively persist new instances.

      To do that I created a Facelets page with some h:inputText fields like

      <h:inputText value="#{myEntityHome.instance.property}" />
      <!-- few more input fields -->
      <h:commandButton action="{myEntityHome.persist}" value="Create" />

      it works and the Entity is persisted. But the values I have entered are still inside the text fields. If I click the create button another Entity with the same values is created and persisted.

      So I scoped the EntityHome to the Event scope and thought, the values won't survive after the persist event is over, but it's still the same result. As a 'dirty workaround' I tried to override the persist method of the EntityHome instance like

      public String persist()
           String ret =  super.persist();
           return ret;

      but that didn't solve the problem.

      Why do the values I have entered survive the Event scope?
      What can I do to clear the fields after an Entity has been persisted?

      Thank you in advance!