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    A general question on conversations

    B Tomic Newbie

      I am very new to Seam, so I just have a broad question here. I have troubles understanding conversations. From what I could gather reading the Seam tutorial, a conversation is tied to a browser tab, but the booking example then confused me, because it is entirely possible to pick a hotel (starting a new conversation), fill out the booking data, clone the tab and confirm the booking from this new tab. My dilemma here is, how is it possible to confirm the booking from the new tab, if all the booking data resides in the conversation which is tied to the original tab? Also, the nested conversations booking example claims that if you clone the tab in the new windows, that new windows would participate in the same conversation as the original... Is this correct?

      Are tabs and windows handled differently, conversation-wise?
      Any bit of insight would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks you very much for your time.