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    Problems with skins

    marcelo gar Newbie
      Hi everyone!
      My application works perfectly until I custom security.  In these moment, the colors and styles in modal panel and other components disapears.  If I go back, everything works again!
      In my web.xml I have:


      bb_skin is a backing bean

      private String skin;

           public List<SelectItem> getSkins() {
                List<SelectItem> result = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
                result.add(new SelectItem("plain"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("emeraldTown"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("blueSky"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("wine"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("japanCherry"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("ruby"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("classic"));
                result.add(new SelectItem("deepMarine"));
                return result;

           public SkinBean() {
                this.skin = "ruby";

           public String getSkin() {
                return skin;

           public void setSkin(String skin) {
                this.skin = skin;

      In my menu.xhtml

      <h:selectOneMenu id="selectSkin" value="#{bb_skin.skin}" style="width: 120px;">
                               <f:selectItems value="#{bb_skin.skins}" />
                               <a4j:support event="onchange" />

      Until now, everyone work fine.
      After this line en pages.xml, the skin's styles and colors disapear!

           <page view-id="*" login-required="true">
                     <rule if-outcome="home">
                          <redirect view-id="/home.xhtml" />
                     <rule if-outcome="page_user_detail">
                          <redirect view-id="/page/user/user.xhtml" />
                     <rule if-outcome="page_user_list">
                          <redirect view-id="/page/user/userList.xhtml" />

      Someone has some idea about this problem?
      Thank you very much!