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    seam components not loaded from external jar in jboss???

    Dean Hiller Expert

      I am using jboss 5.0.1 and have two deployments..

      I have two PU's in ejb3layer...one is JTA and the other is a non-JTA PU of all the same classes in that jar.  One is used by seam and the other is used by other jboss apps I have.  Everything works great unless I start having seam components in ejb3layer.jar....How do I tell seamwebapp.war to load the seam components in ejb3layer.jar???  putting seam.properties in ejb3layer.jar is not working.  Is there any other way to put something in seamwebapp.war that tells seam to load components in ejb3layer.jar as I don't think seamwebapp.war knows about the jar file...it just gets the EntityManagerFactory through JNDI binding right now....ie. the PU has the jndi binding property set and the components.xml looks up that bound property.

      thoughts?  Any way to fix this?