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    Database views - best practice?


      Are there any best practices to be used when dealing with database views in Seam? I have a number of views that need to be accounted for and have also seen a number of unique approaches to handling views as entities and want to tap into the user communities' experience on this issue.

      I was half hoping that there was a @View analog to the @Entity annotation.

      If it matters, the databases are SQL Server and Oracle using jdbc drivers.

      If this is really more of a Hibernate or JPA question, please let me know an I'll move the conversation over there.

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          We just use @Entity and define all the columns as updatable=false insertable=false and sometimes we fallback to spring-jdbc if appropiate. Another option also use sometimes is the Immutable annotation.

          But you should really take this discussion to the Hibernate Forum

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            So, if i understood well, we should make an Entity for each view in the database? Is it really the best option possible?

            Of course i understand that Seam and Hibernate are Entity-oriented, but maybe this is something that might be considered for a future for Seam because many times it is necesary to get data from a view in database and to have mixed entities that are tables in db with entities that are just views can lead to a confusion.

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              why? what kind of confusion?