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    EntityManager auto flush not performed?

    Adrien Orsier Newbie


      We're having a strange little problem.
      We're developing an application which is working perfectly in our development environment, but we have witnessed a strange difference between our development environment and production one, although we have the exact same configuration regarding persistence (and everything, basically).
      - Jboss 4.2.3
      - Postgres data base
      - Seam 2.1.1.GA
      The only real difference we have is that in production, Jboss and Postgres are running on the same host.

      The problem is basically that when we create/modify data, we need to flush() our entityManager (always a SMPC) whereas we do not need it in our development environment. Strange thing is that it's not needed in every of those methods, though I can't think of anything they would have in common.
      It might be some configuration we forgot somewhere, but we clearly don't see where.

      Sorry that I'm not being more specific, but I don't see anything you should know about this, but let me know if you need something else.