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    investigating technology stack with infinispan

    Serdar Irmak Newbie


      I'm investigating tech. possibilities for a new high traffic web site project. Most high traffic sites prefer ibatis over hibernate, but hibernate have more support & integrations in the industry. There will be a Infinispan hibernate 2nd level cache in the future and maybe other integrations,... I want to ask you "which technology stack I have to choose for a next gen scalable high traffic web site ?".

      - Infinispan + ibatis + compass (+ mysql + spring mvc...)


      - Infinispan + hibernate + compass or hibernate search (+ mysql + spring mvc...)

      I prefer ibatis for high performance but the problem with ibatis is the lack of disributed or replicated caching of entities with infinispan.... it doesn't have a 2nd level cache like in hibernate. I think it is not possible to have a rack solid distributed cache in front of db with ibatis without extra work....is it right ?

      What is the best stack in this scenario in your opinion ? Which combination will be more performant when in a distributed or replicated environment, which will perfrom better and solid when I start to add servers in the cluster with minimal work?

      What I need is:
      - High perfromance, high concurrency
      - Highly scalable
      - Minimal coding work