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    Seam Remoting + JSON: Slow perfomance

    aditya bora Newbie

      Hi friends.

      I am using Seam remoting for transfering some data accross the server from client. I've also used JSON Object as an argument for the remote method(Web Method). JSON object has a lil larger structure.

      The problem here is that the seam remoting request takes lots of time to transfer data accross. I've noticed from the server.log that the XML which seam transfers is becomming bulky. And that is because of some repetative characters that Seam automatically adds up(%5C%22%3A%20%5C%22%5C%22%2C%20%5C%22) to the JSON string. The size of the XML file is becomming 144kb and if i remove the every occurrance of these characters(%5C%22%3A%20%5C%22%5C%22%2C%20%5C%22) from the XML file, the size becomes 88kb.

      Can anybody help me out to reduce the size of this XML?

      Thankx in Advance