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    Seam deployment with Hibernate

    Ramesh Potti Newbie



      I have seam application. I have created entities using hibernate tools from database. I have 471 entities in my application.


      while in development of application, I need to explode the changes to JBoss Server. while deploying changes to server,


      I have lot of console data about TableMetaData:


      sample as follows:




      14:17:20,651 INFO  [TableMetadata] indexes: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
      14:17:21,483 INFO  [TableMetadata] table found: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      14:17:21,483 INFO  [TableMetadata] columns: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
      14:17:21,483 INFO  [TableMetadata] foreign keys: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
      14:17:21,483 INFO  [TableMetadata] indexes: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
      14:17:22,614 INFO  [TableMetadata] foreign keys: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
      14:17:22,614 INFO  [TableMetadata] indexes: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
      14:17:24,066 INFO  [TableMetadata] table found: xxxxxxxxxxxxx



      I had this Info for each deployment change. This type of Info messages for around 400 entities.


      This is taking too much time to generate this info messages on console and too much time to deploy.


      this ate up my total developement time. is there anyway to disable this INFO messages so that it can quicky deploy and i can check the new changes immediately.




      I am using the following Technologies:


      Seam, Facelets, Hibernate, EJB3.0, RichFaces, JBoss(server)