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    mail renderer

    Christoph Müller Newbie

      Hey there

      Im building a small application that is supposed to send mails, this application is meant to be callable from a couple of service applications we have here. One of our leaddevelopers came up with the idea of using the seam mail renderer for this. So i tried using it but i run into a problem. This is not meant to be part of a Web/JSF application and the only thing out of the seamframework we need is this renderer to render templated mails. Now after reading this forum it looks to me as if we need to have a running JSF-lifecycle to use the renderer.

      The injection of the Renderer is not happening and thats where my problem is, is there any way to get my hands on the renderer without a JSF lifecycle?

      here is how i try to use the renderer, setting the context variables for the template happens in an other class and once those are set the send()-method you see below is called. I feel like im missing something very obvious so any help would be appreciated

      private Renderer renderer;
      public void send(){