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    end-conversation before-redirect="true" doesn't work with <render view-id> tag?

    Wang Liyu Apprentice
      this is follow up my previous post: http://www.seamframework.org/Community/HowToEndAndBeginANewConversationWithOneSignleSlink

      I followed Pete's instruction, use before-redirect="true" in the pages.xml and I have a4j:include in the page, a4j:include doesn't support redirect(it will refresh the whole page not partal), I was suggested to use "render", so I tried the following part:

           <page view-id="/list.xhtml" login-required="true">
                     <rule if-outcome="next">
                          <render view-id="/details.xhtml"></render>
                     <rule if-outcome="exit">
                          <end-conversation before-redirect="true" root="true" />
                          <render view-id="/search.xhtml" />

      and seems the end-conversation didn't triggered.

      is this a bug of seam?

      or should add <end-conversation before-render="true"> ?