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    Seam with tomcat server

    marcelo gar Newbie

      Hi everyone;
      I have done a seam application with seam 2.1.1 and jboss 5 GA server, using ejb3, hibernate, etc, and this works very fine.
      But now, I was asked to deploy it in a tomcat 6 server, which is not a application server and I won't be able to deploy ejb3.  I am seeing openejb, http://javanotebook.com/2007/09/28/openejb3andtomcat6.html, and it looks like the same that using jboss.
      has someone tryied this or some idea about this matter?
      Thank you very much

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          Leo van den berg Master

          I don't know if you want to use full ejb, or only the persistency part (JPA) We have experience with OpenJpa in Tomcat with Spring and basically you get a Java client type of j2ee support. Simple advice: stick to Seam/Jboss. We lost precious time in finding out how to configure, load , test etc. After all that effort the next question was about standards, extensibility etc. A simple estimate is that it will take between one and two weeks to get its basics working,

          The Hibernate JPA implementation is in one word great, has a number of additional features such as filtering and full text serach and has DB-auditing around the corner (ENVERS).

          Hibernate and Seam is a perfect match and doesn't need any additional tuning. JBoss5 uses the TomCat container for the web, so why complicate your life.