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    using just formattedText JSF component

    Alex Kachanov Newbie

      Guys! I would like to use just formattedText component since it supports wiki formatting.

      It appears that for using jboss-seam-ui.jar I will have to drag all seam jar files and seam enable my application which I do not want. When I put jboss-seam-ui.jar (which contains formattedText tag) into my application, it complains aboiut logging classes not found. Those logging classes are in jboss-seam.jar. So when I add jboss-seam.jar to my app - Seam strats screaming that there are no intereceptors, no EL, no IOC no application scope etc.

      But I do not need Seam. I just need formattedTExt component!

      Is it possible to get just that without having trouble with seam at all?